Gertrude Street Enoteca

Lady Grey and Orange Pekoe chose to dine at Enoteca, a charismatic nook on Gertrude St, which is a place generally for the wine-lover, but that didn’t stop us! With lovely staff and a charmingly quiet ambience, this was the place for two to enjoy their tea.

Rather than our tea being the usual post-food drink, we chose to immerse ourselves in our tea before our meal. And what a meal! Who could resist a haloumi, feta and goat’s cheese pie? And despite initial protestations that we only came for tea, Pekoe and Grey were tempted to also savour wine over lunch (a decision which proved very satisfactory!)

For centuries, tea-lovers have been enjoying Peppermint Tea for its cleansing and healing nature and its unmistakeable minty taste. It really can be enjoyed at any hour of the day and seems to soothe its drinker, fostering an inner sensation of relaxation and calm.

The Peppermint Tea that Lady Grey requested was light and refreshing. It didn’t have the overpowering mint flavour or scent that some do and captured the essence of the ideal Peppermint Tea. And with the melodic tones of Ella Fitzgerald dancing in the background and shared with a friend, who wouldn’t love this Peppermint Tea?

Orange Pekoe decided on an Early Grey (there’s no jealousy between friends, of course) and it was an absolute delight. The bergamot held the stage in this blend, offering the wonderful overtones of citrus and floral and increasing the feeling of the exotic. Had one been equipped with a pith helmet, one might have thought one was living in the days of the Raj. The sweet leaves swam for just the right amount of time, leaving a hearty, yet surprisingly light, cup of joy.

The Beesting cake was also a treat.

Lady Grey and Orange Pekoe

Earl Grey and Peppermint Tea at Gertrude Street Enoteca

Earl Grey and Peppermint Tea at Gertrude Street Enoteca

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