Storm in a Teacup (again)

The tea aficionados returned to Storm in a Teacup for a spectacular lunch on a sunny day. Like two smug cats that polished off the cream, we were in our element, basking in the café’s warm and comforting atmosphere, with its quirky interior and tantalising cheese platters.

But first, the tea!

Sweet Dreams and Iced Tea at Storm in a Teacup Lady Grey chose an Oolong Tea called “Sweet Dreams” which should have been accompanied by the words “eau de parfum”. The scent of the tea was an absolute delight; rose petals mingled with a subtle hint of chamomile. The essence was neither overly strong nor sweet, but enchanted with just the right balance of flavours. Drinking a cupful was like being wrapped up in a cosy blanket, as the sleepy and soothing chamomile blended perfectly with the fresh and floral undertones of the Oolong. One could imagine such a tea being the sort enjoyed in fairytales.

Pekoe got a bit adventurous and tried one of the two freshly brewed and deliciously tempting iced teas, made and blended in-house. This one was a jasmine tea, with rosewater and mint. The perfect blend for a warm spring afternoon, its rosewater blush hid beneath the immediate freshness of the jasmin, emerging as a fragrant and delightful after-effect. The mint tied the two florals together perfectly.

Now, the cheese.

Pekoe and Grey’s step-by-step approach for a delectable cheese-filled experience:

  1. Survey your options. Do you feel like soft cheese? Strong cheese? Bitey cheese? Cheese with a kick? Rich cheese? Subtle cheese?

We began with soft and creamy brie on toast, garnished with cherry tomatoes and basil leaves.

  1. Accompanying toast/cracker/bread is very important.

Our personal favourite, the walnut and fig toast was not to be had, so we chose finely toasted pieces of ciabatta. Our delightful hosts kindly cut up some locally dried figs, which did the trick nicely.

  1. Sometimes if the first is deemed delicious, another cheese must also be savoured…

We decided to partake in the tallegio. With its strong aroma, delicate flavour and surprising fruity tang, it’s a favourite of Pekoe. It was our second outing with this cheese at Storm and we both thoroughly endorse it.

  1. And another cheese…

Tasmanian cheddar was also given the tick of approval. (Although three cheeses may have been a tad ambitious for a light ladies’ lunch for two.)

  1. ALL the cheese must be consumed.

And it was. Amazing.

P.S. Cake was also enjoyed.

Grey and Pekoe


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